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Choosing a Dog Forum

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If you surf the Internet these days, you'll come across a plethora of websites dedicated to the discussion of dogs and their problems.  Choosing a good dog forum can seem overwhelming at times, but there are features to look for that can help you select the one that's just right for you and your pet.


Here are three questions to ask when considering a particular dog forum. 

1. Is it moderated?
2. Is it focused?
3. Is it free or membership-only?

Is It Moderated?

The best dog forum is moderated, with the moderator being an expert on the type of dog you have (i.e veterinarian, registered veterinary technician, etc.). The dog forum moderator can make sure all of the rules of the forum are followed and help guide discussions in the right direction.

As you know, forums can quickly turn into free-for-alls unless someone is acting as referee. In other words, a dog forum moderator can compensate for any lack of social or etiquette skills of participants bent on dominating a particular discussion. Expert moderators can also offer useful advice and answers themselves and identify misinformation that finds its way into the dog forum ‘s discussion threads. That way, you're assured to gain the most accurate information as possible.

Is It Focused? 

Next, the dog forum you select should be focused as well. Without focus, threads can quickly transform into a series of “rabbit trails” that dilute the original question or subject. Streamlined dog forum discussions allow participants to learn the most in the least amount of reading time.  As mentioned above, an expert dog forum moderator can make this focus happen.

Staying focused also means that the questions and answers should be kept as short and concise as possible (there will be exceptions, of course). Take a close look at the dog forum you're considering and see if the interactions are structured and styled accordingly.  This will give you good insight into the forum's overall quality.

Is It Free or Membership-Only

The final factor to consider when choosing a dog forum is whether or not the forum is free or requires a membership fee to join. I know. You ask, “Why would I even consider paying to discuss a subject regarding dogs when I can do it for free all across the Internet?” Actually, that is precisely why you should consider joining a paid dog forum group.

Having you ever posted a question on a large online platform, only to find that five minutes later your question has slipped ten notches down the question thread, relegated to yesterday's news with a half-life shorter than that of anti-matter? Take note: This rarely happens in paid dog forum sites.

If the moderator is an actual veterinarian, there's an added bonus provided by a membership dog forum. And that bonus is free veterinary advice! That's in direct contrast to the pay- per-question veterinary websites plastered across the Web. At these latter sites, you can have your pet health related questions answered for a fee by a licensed veterinarian, with response times linked to how much money you fork over.

On the contrary, with a membership dog forum moderated by a licensed veterinarian, you usually pay a one-time fee (often the annual fee to join a membership forum will cost you no more than a single office call fee at your regular veterinarian) and gain unlimited access to expert pet health advice. 

Finding a great dog forum is not hard if you know what qualities to look for. For best results, look for one that is moderated, focused, and if you can afford it, membership-only.  By doing so, you'll become part of a tight-knit community of owners who can take comfort in knowing that the pet-related information being received in your chosen dog forum is not only timely, but relevant and accurate as well.

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