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 Don't Be Afraid To Question This Charge

I bet the last time you booked a hotel room, you took a look at the hotel's cancellation policy. In most cases, if you cancel a hotel room at least 24 hours before reserved check-in, you do not incur

 To Lyme Or Not To Lyme
Many clients ask me why I don’t recommend the Lyme disease vaccine for my canine patients. The truth is: It’s not that I am against the vaccine; it’s just that Lyme disease doesn&rsq

 Manuka Honey
Manuka honey, which is made by bees that pollinate the Manuka bushes of New Zealand, has been used for centuries in human medicine and has also been used to treat wounds and other conditions in dogs a

 Cats and Heartworm Testing
Most pet owners know that all dogs must be tested for heartworms prior to starting on heartworm prevention in order to prevent serious reactions from occurring if heartworms are indeed present. But wh

 What About Cats?
A few weeks ago, we talked about Diagel and its usefulness for controlling diarrhea in dogs. Since then, I’ve fielded a number of questions regarding its use in cats. Here’s my usual reply

 A Handy Tool To Keep Around The House
We’ve all woken up to it at some time or another. In fact, I did the other day. Stumbling out to the kitchen to fire up the Keurig, I noticed a distinct smell in the family room. As a veterinari

 10 Things (Old and New) To Know About Leptospirosis
Leptospirosis is a highly contagious bacterial disease that can affect dogs of any age. In addition, of all zoonotic diseases that people can catch from animals, it is the 1 zoonotic killer in humans

 Thoughts on Grain-Free Foods
If you are feeding a grain-free diet to prevent a food allergy, understand that grain-free doesn’t necessarily mean hypoallergenic. Many food allergies in pets are caused sensitivities to either

 Is It A True Emergency?
Being able to recognize an emergency situation vs a non-emergency situation could save you an unnecessary trip to the emergency clinic and, consequently, hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Here are

 Canine Influenza (Dog Flu)
A new canine influenza (flu) vaccine hit the market a month or so ago and we’ve been fielding a ton of questions about it and the disease its designed to protect against. Here are a few facts ab

 Medium-Well Please
Like Dr. Brazos Steele, the protagonist of my novels, I’m big into veterinary public health. That is why the recent study on ground beef by Consumer Reports is quite disturbing to me. I’ve

 Peanut Butter Alert
Peanut butter is a popular item among many pet owners, who use it a vehicle for administering medications to their pets or simply offering it up as a tasty treat. That said, I really don’t

 10 Things You Need To Know About Roundworms
10 Things You Need To Know About Roundworms 1. Most commercial heartworm preventive medications will also protect dogs against roundworms. 2. If people accidentally consume roundworm eggs throu

 New Technology Reuniting Pets With Their People
It's a known fact that in the past decade, microchip technology has been instrumental in reuniting tens of thousands of lost pets with their owners. GPS trackers have been shown to be very effective a

 Use With Caution
Did you know that topical analgesic creams and ointments for use in humans pose a significant risk to pets? For instance, if a pet licks one of these ointments off of your skin or off of its own s

 What Should You Do If Exposed To Rabies?
There have been numerous confirmed cases of rabies in or around San Antonio this year, as well as many other parts of the country. Vaccinating your pet for rabies and keeping him/her current on the va

 An NSAID Primer for Pet Owners
Carprofen (Rimadyl), Etodolac, Deramaxx, Meloxicam, and Previcox are the names of just a few of the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) commonly prescribed in veterinary medicine for arthr

 Another Great Reason To Control Ticks
Ticks are just nasty. And to make them even nastier, scientists at the University of Florida have isolated a tick-borne virus that, to date, has never been found in animals and humans within the Unite

 Prescription Diets
In a recent newsletter, I touched on the topic of prescription diets. Since then, several of you have e-mailed me wanting to know which of these prescription diets I feel are really worth the money wh

 What Can Happen If You Don't Vaccinate Your Pet For Rabies
Recently, there was a confirmed case of rabies in Austin, TX. A 9 month old dog, later determined to have had rabies, spent about three hours interacting with other dogs and owners and playing fetch w

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