Pricing At MPC of Texas

GOOD NEWS! Here at MPC of Texas, we use/sell only FDA-approved (and regulated) vaccines, pharmaceuticals, heartworm preventatives, and prescription flea medications. No foreign counterfeits or diverted products allowed!

About Us

ATTENTION DOG OWNERS: Did you know that vaccine quality can vary greatly? For your peace-of-mind, we use only Merck vaccines here at MPC.

ATTENTION CAT OWNERS: Did you know that not all Feline Leukemia vaccines are the same? Our cat packages include only recombinant Feline Leukemia vaccines (rFeLV) for the safety of your feline companions.

Many feline experts feel that recombinant vaccines are less likely to cause vaccine reactions and fibrosarcomas (cancer) than are the more popular adjuvanted (and cheaper) vaccines used by many veterinarians.

We also now offer special cat vaccine packages that utilize a recombinant Rabies vaccine as well (see below for prices)

DOG OWNERS: If your dog has allergies, we now carry both Apoquel® and Cytopoint®!


Puppy Package #1 (DA2PP,Deworm) $45

Puppy Package #2 (DA2PP, RV, Deworm) $59

Dog Package#1 (Rabies,DA2PP) $55

Dog Package#2 (Rabies,DA2PP,K9 Cough) $85

Dog Package #3 (Rabies, DA2PP, Lepto $79

Dog Package #4 (Rabies, DA2PP, K9 Cough, Lepto) $109

Kitten Package #1 (FVRCP,Deworm) $45

Kitten Package #2 (FVRCP,Deworm,rFeLV) $85

Kitten Package #3 (FVRCP,Deworm,rFeLV, RV) $105

Indoor Cat Package #1 (Rabies,FVRCP) $55

[Indoor Cat Package #1 using Recombinant Rabies (rRabies, FVRCP) $95]

Indoor Cat Package #2 (Rabies, FVRCP, rFeLV) $105

[Indoor Cat Package #2 using Recombinant Rabies (rRabies, FVRCP, rFeLV) $149]

Outdoor Cat Package (Rabies, FVRCP, rFeLV, Centragard) $125

Outdoor Cat Package using Recombinant Rabies (rRabies, FVRCP, rFeLV, Centragard) $179

Note: Many feline experts feel that recombinant vaccines are much less likely to cause reactions and fibrosarcomas (cancer) in cats than are standard feline vaccines

Canine and Feline Rabies (includes tag) $25

Feline Recombinant Rabies $65

Distemper/Parvo/Hepatitis/Parainfluenza $39

Bordetella $39

Special 4 Way Lepto $35

Rattlesnake (RedRock) $49

Bivalent Flu $69

Deworming (based on size) $10-$49

Feline Rhino/Panleuk Combo (only) $39

rFeLV (Recombinant) $65


Medical Consult $25

Interstate Health Certificate $49

Heartworm Test $29(with purchase of preventative - SEE BELOW)

FeLV/FIV Test $49

Microchips (include registration fee) $39 + tax

Nail Trim $25 + tax

Ear Pluck (Medical only) $29

Ear Clean (Medical only) $20

Trim/Cauterize Torn Nail $29

Freeze Wart $59-$89

Anal Sac Expression (Medical only) $29

Ear Pack $69

Aural Hematoma Drain/Pac $189

INJECTIONS ORAL MEDICATIONS/TREATMENTS - Call Rosie for prices. 210.690.3799

*** Prices are discounted based on our Prescription Loyalty Program. See below. ***


Upon request, we will gladly call-in a prescription for medications prescribed by our doctors to a vendor of your choice. As you can imagine, small businesses like ours can't compete on price with the big box stores, large online retailers, and others like them and hope stay in business very long. In order to offset some of the price difference for our clients, we don't charge our standard office visit fee (currently $59) for our wellness services (vaccines, heartworm tests, parasite control, etc.) and also offer these wellness services at a discount to those clients who choose to buy their prescriptions "locally" from us.

​​​​​​​That said, some clients request to pay the regular office visit fee ($59) per pet plus the non-discounted prices for wellness services in order to have prescription flexibility. Either way, we just want to make sure your pet is protected, regardless of where you choose to get his/her medications filled. See the front desk at our clinics for non-discounted price list.

Please note that for your pet's safety, third-party or online companies that fill pet prescriptions require strict compliance and quality oversight; as a result, annual check-ups and heartworm testing are needed for all prescription refills.

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