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Welcome to Mobile Petcare Clinics of Texas - Providing Low Cost Pet Vaccinations and Preventive Care, Plus Affordable Pet Outpatient Treatments (Skin, Ear, Eye, Arthritis, Minor GI) for San Antonio and Central Texas.


Dr. Pinney's Pet BlogDr. Pinney's Pet Blog
Dr. Pinney's Pet Blog offers a glimpse into the dynamic and ever-changing world of veterinary medicine and pet health care. . . . keep reading

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 What Can Happen If You Don't Vaccinate Your Pet For Rabies
Recently, there was a confirmed case of rabies in Austin, TX. A 9 month old dog, later determined to have had rabies, spent about three hours interacting with other dogs and owners and playing fetch w

 What's In A Name
Picking out the right name for your new dog can be loads of fun and also quite challenging since there are endless possibilities to choose from. Before you commit to one, here are three suggestions to

 The Veterinary Care Charitable Fund
The Veterinary Care Charitable Fund, sponsored by the American Veterinary Medical Foundation, is a new program that helps full-service veterinary practices provide direct animal care for pet owners fa

 Remember James Herriot
Did you know that veterinarians who work in rural or countryside practices are just as qualified to treat dogs and cats as city veterinarians? This is important for the simple fact that, in many insta

 Ten Facts You Need To Know About Feline Leukemia (FeLV)
1. The feline leukemia virus is a retrovirus that causes immune suppression and cancer in cats. 2. It is estimated that 3% of cats in the United States are infected with the virus. 3. Infection

 A Reminder List...
Here is a short reminder list of those food and beverage items that can prove toxic or detrimental to our four-legged companions: Alcohol -- Brain damage, coma, death Avocado -- Vomiting, diarr

 Break It Down
I saw a Bull Mastiff several days ago suffering from terrible skin allergies. The only thing that hadn't been tried on this dog was a good food allergy trial. The owner had switched food a number of t

 Apple Cider Vinegar and Fleas
Did you know that fleas can't stand apple-cider vinegar? That said, a spray containing 50/50 mixture of apple cider vinegar and water can be created and used as an adjunct to your other means of flea

 Bobcat Fever
Ever heard of "Bobcat fever"? Bobcat fever is caused by the blood parasite Cytauxzoon felis, which infects bobcats and ticks that feed on them. Unfortunately, when these same ticks feed on domestic

 Financial Assistance for Veterinary Care
Pet owners struggling with the high cost of veterinary care now have a new resource to turn to, thanks to the American Veterinary Medical Association. A new Web page created by the AVMA touches on to

 The Numbers Are Out
VPI recently released the list of the most common medical conditions afflicting dogs and cats in the U.S. Here they are: Top Ten Medical Conditions Seen in Dogs 1, Skin allergies 2. Ear infecti

 One Tough Decision
A video made its rounds on Facebook last week. It was called "I Died Today", and for those of us who love pets, it was a tear-jerker. And it brought up a question that all of us who have older or te

 An Alternative To Boarding Your Pet
The next time you're thinking about taking a trip and need to make accommodations for your pet, consider hiring a pet sitter if you cannot locate a clean, well-managed boarding facility (be sure to to

 If You Want To Control Fleas In Your House...
We all know how tough it can be to control fleas on our pets. Even with the advent of great new flea products to use on (or in) pets, we still need to practice good premise control to achieve a flea-f

 Guidelines For Administering Eye Medications
If you own a pet with dry eye (KCS) or another chronic disease involving the eyes, you know how expensive that eye medication can be. Well, here's some news you can use. Dr. David Maggs, a noted veter

 Watch Out For That Interest!
CareCredit is a large company that offers credit lines to pet owners who may need financial assistance with their pets' veterinary bills. Many veterinary clinics offer CareCredit to their clients; som

 Adding Fiber To Your Dog's Diet
Increasing the fiber in your dog's diet can be helpful for a number of conditions, including constipation, fiber-responsive colitis, chronic anal sac issues, and obesity. That said, there are several

 Another Great Reason To Give Your Cat Hairball Laxative
I've always been a big proponent of giving hairball laxative paste to cats (i.e. Laxatone; Petromalt) on a routine basis. The main reason for me recommending this is that all cats get hairballs to som

 Tips for Buying Pet Health Insurance
As most of you know, I'm not a big proponent of pet health insurance. Instead of paying those monthly premiums, I prefer directing that money into a savings account that is designated specifically for

 One Charge You Can Do Without
If your veterinarian wants to hospitalize your pet overnight, be sure to ask if there will be somebody at the hospital throughout the night to monitor your pet's condition. If not, there is no nee

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