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The Pet Hospital Search: 10 Important Questions To Ask

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When searching for a pet hospital, there are certain questions you should keep in the back of your mind to ensure you select the right one for your dog or cat. In fact, these questions should also be used on a regular basis to reassess the services of your current veterinarian. Who knows? If the answers aren't satisfactory to you, a change may be in order.


Here are ten of the most important questions to ask yourself:

1. Does the pet hospital smell clean when you first walk through the front doors?

2. Does the staff acknowledge you and your pet right away when you arrive or do they seemingly ignore you?

3. Does the pet hospital employ caring, knowledgeable, and professional veterinarians, receptionists, and technicians?

4. Are the employees at the pet hospital trained on-the-job, or have they received formal training and certification?

5. Are the pet hospital hours of operation convenient for you? Are they open 24 hours, or do they refer to 24 hour care facilities?

6. Is a thorough examination of your pet done when you take him to the pet hospital?

7. Does the veterinarian at the pet hospital ask questions regarding your pet's health, and does she listen to your answers?

8. Is the pet hospital modern and up-to-date on equipment and treatments, or will the veterinarian willingly refer to a specialist?

9. Are you allowed to tour the pet hospital and see the surgical suite, kennel, and treatment area, if you desire?

10. Does the pet hospital provide an estimate for the cost of services, surgeries, and treatments?

You may have other questions as well. This list is certainly not all-inclusive. Be sure to ask them to yourself. And if you have concerns, why not discuss them with the veterinarian at the pet hospital? After all, you're the customer. You vote with your dollar, and if that veterinarian wants to keep your vote, she'll listen.

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