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Wednesday, Sep 28, 2011
It's More Important Than Ever to Keep Your Dog on Heartworm Prevention
By Dr. Chris Pinney
Wednesday, Sep 28, 2011 09:14
Veterinarians across the country have been notified by the large pharma company, Merial, that the drug Immiticide, used to treat heartworm disease in dogs, will be unavailable for an indefinite period of time. No real reason was given for this, but it does mean one thing: Many dogs currently infected with heartworms are going to suffer because of it.
Merial holds the patent for this drug, which means that demand can't be fulfilled by alternative manufacturers. Personally, I can't understand why the FDA doesn't yank that patent and allow other companies to manufacture the drug. Heartworm disease is just too prevalent to allow this to happen. If there were other fast kill treatments available, that would be one thing. But there aren't. Merial needs to do a better job informing the veterinary community about what exactly is going on. Hopefully steps are being taken to remedy the problem and prevent this from happening in the future.
Okay, enough ranting. The bottom line: Giving your dog his/her heartworm preventive medication every month is more important than ever. So be sure to mark it in big red letters on your calender.