Money-Saving Advice Concerning Pet Behavioral Challenges

If there's one thing certain to place a severe strain on the bond between a pet and his owner, its a behavioral challenge. I like to refer to them as "challenges" rather than "problems" because addressing them is indeed challenging, yet with the right advice and corrective approach, they can be overcome.

Owners often spend hundreds of dollars on trainers, training aids, and trips to the family vet for advice on how to solve behavioral challenges.  And this doesn't include the money they must dish out to replace furniture, carpet, and door frames damaged by the misbehaving pet.

I'm pointing this out because in the case of serious behavioral challenges, such as separation anxiety, you might want to seek the advice of a specialist early on in the process. In my experience, it could save you tons of money (and grief) in the long-run. By "specialist" I'm talking about a board-certified veterinary behavioral specialist.

Sure, you're going to spend more for the office call, but you're more likely to get that solution to your pet's challenging behavior sooner than later. And that ultimately means money saved. You can find a board-certified veterinary behavioral specialist through your family veterinarian or via the website of the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior at 

Don't be afraid to inquire up front about fees. If your like most pet owners, you'll find it a small price to pay for strengthening that all-important relationship you share with your furry friend.

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