Dog Odor Control Tips

Here's a handy quick reference guide to tips submitted by Veterinary Insider staff and members on how to control various types of pet odors.

Brush daily. Daily brushing removes excess oils from the haircoat that will otherwise turn rancid and contribute to that “doggie” smell we all know and love. For even better results, apply an oatmeal conditioning spray to the haircoat prior to brushing.

Bathe infrequently. Too much bathing will remove too much oil and dry out the skin, causing a rebound effect that leads to excess oil being secreted by the sebaceous glands. When this oil turns rancid, your nose suffers.

Treat the ears. Ear infections are a major cause of noxious dog odor, so be sure your dog doesn't have one. If so, get some medicine from your vet to treat it. Make the infection go away, and the smell will go away.

Grab the baking soda. Baking soda can be used as a dry shampoo (or be added to the bath water) to neutralize odors and to keep a haircoat in top condition. Baking soda is gentle on the skin and non-allergenic. Rub a small amount into the haircoat and brush it in well.

Squeeze the lemons. Lemon extract diluted in distilled water can keep your dog's coat smelling, well, like lemons. It makes an excellent flea preventive. Fleas don't like citrus, so they certainly won't like your dog's lemon-scented coat. You will, however, as your pet will smell clean and refreshed. A solution can be concocted by boiled distilled water, then immersing lemons in it and allowing them to sit in it for 12 hours. You can then apply the mixture to your dog's coat with a spray bottle. Brush the coat well after doing so.

Swipe the Speed Stick. Deodorant sticks do an amazing job of getting rid of the odor from anal sac secretions. If you wipe some on a paper towel or gauze pad and wipe the anal region with it after the sacs are expressed, the smell magically disappears.

Polecat remedies. Substances commonly used to neutralize skunk odor include hydrogen peroxide, tomato juice, club soda, Dawn Dish Soap, Massengil douches, and commercial products such as Skunk-Off. Your dog should be bathed first with a shampoo, then one or more of these items can be applied. Allow them to remain on the coat for at least fifteen minutes prior to rinsing. Be forewarned: Several such treatments may be needed, especially in a long haired dog, to finally get rid of the smell.

Poot prescription. If your dog likes to let ‘em rip a little too often, you can use activated charcoal tablets 1 tab/25 lb (avail. at pharmacy) to help control the onslaught.  Simethicone (GasX) 1 tab per 50lb will also help. Finally, try reducing the amount of fiber in the diet and switch to a food that is easily digestible.

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