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Infectious Diseases

Infectious Canine Hepatitis

Infectious canine hepatitis (ICH) is a disease caused by the canine adenovirus 1, an organism found worldwide and known for its stability outside its host (it can survive up to two weeks in the environment!). The virus is shed in all

Why Vaccinating Too Young Can Do More Harm Than Good

Did you know that vaccinating a puppy or kitten too young can predispose them to the very diseases you're trying to prevent? Not only can it give you a false sense of security, but it can also hit you where it hurts - the pocketbook.

Skin and Allergies

Behavioral Challenges

Remedies for Destructive Chewing

Many canines are literally "in the doghouse" with their owners because of their destructive chewing. No one wants a pet that seeks and destroys any inanimate object into which he can sink his teeth.

Jumping Behavior

Talk about annoying behavior! Jumping is right up there with house soiling and incessant barking. Jumpers are usually right there at the door when visitors call and have this innate tendency to spoil a perfectly cordial greeting.

Dealing With Aggressive Behavior in Dogs

Of all of the undesirable behaviors a dog can exhibit, this one is certainly the most disturbing and the most unacceptable. Aggressiveness can be directed toward other dogs or toward other species, including humans.


Saving Money

Four Money-Saving Advantages of Owning A Mixed-Breed Dog

There can be certain financial advantages of owning a good, old-fashioned "mutt"

Medical Conditions

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