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Jumping Behavior

Talk about annoying behavior! Jumping is right up there with house soiling and incessant barking. Jumpers are usually right there at the door when visitors call and have this innate tendency to spoil a perfectly cordial greeting.

Money Saving Tip: Here's A Tip To Ensure You Don't Pay Too Much On Your Next Veterinary Visit

Here's a tip to consider if your pet is ill and you plan on taking him/her in to see a vet

Dealing With Aggressive Behavior in Dogs

Of all of the undesirable behaviors a dog can exhibit, this one is certainly the most disturbing and the most unacceptable. Aggressiveness can be directed toward other dogs or toward other species, including humans.

Separation Anxiety

It has happened to many of us: We leave the house, sometimes for only a few minutes, and our "best friend" proceeds to chew up the furniture, bark or howl, and/or eliminate in the house. If your dog behaves this way when you leave your home, it is probably suffering from the behavioral problem known as separation anxiety.

Caloric Guide for Dogs

Do you know how many calories you should be be feeding your dog each day? Most owners overfeed their dogs, resulting in fat dogs and fat pet food bills. This article helps you calculate the correct daily caloric intake for your pet.

Infectious Canine Hepatitis

Infectious canine hepatitis (ICH) is a disease caused by the canine adenovirus 1, an organism found worldwide and known for its stability outside its host (it can survive up to two weeks in the environment!). The virus is shed in all

Novel Ways to Manage Thunderstorm Phobia in Dogs

Good news for dogs that suffer from thunderstorm phobia (fear of thunderstorms)! Several new novel treatments have shown promising results in pets afflicted with this troubling psychosis. This article explains the juicy details...

One Vitamin That Can Make A Difference

Vitamin B12 is a popular supplement used by human athletes and others to improve energy and performance. In pets with chronic gastrointestinal upset or loss of appetite, supplementing this vitamin can be useful as well.

One Home Remedy You'll Want To Avoid

In an effort to save money when a pet becomes ill, many pet owners will turn to home remedies found on the Internet, or recommended to them by friends or family. However, not all home remedies are necessarily safe. Here's one that isn't..

Dog Odor Control Tips

Here's a handy quick reference guide to tips submitted by Veterinary Insider staff and members on how to control various types of pet odors.

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